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Moon Watch: April 2012

Friday, March 30th, 2012

There will be three opportunities to shoot the moon in April but April 6 will be the only day that the moon rises during the blue hour. The blue hour is the time immediately after the sun sets and the sky turns a deep blue. The best day to catch the moonset is April 7 because the sun rises at 7:05 AM and the moon sets 22 minutes later.

Location: Miami, FL (All Times EST)
Sun Moon
Date/Phase Rise Set Rise Set
Apr 5/98% 7:07 AM 7:40 PM 6:43 PM 5:58 AM
Apr 6/Full 7:06 AM 7:40 PM 7:50 PM 6:40 AM
Apr 7/99% 7:05 AM 7:41 PM 8:58 PM 7:27 AM

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Moon Watch: March 2012

Monday, February 13th, 2012

There will be many opportunities to shoot the moon in March. The moonrise/sunrise and moonset/sunset will be close to each other on the horizon. According to the Photographer’s Ephemeris, the optimum days will be on March 8 and 9. The timing could be better but it may be possible to photograph both the moonset and sun in the same area of the sky. Unfortunately, moonrise will not be during the blue hour but you might want to try to catch it when it rises.

Location: Miami, FL (All Times EST)
Sun Moon
Date/Phase Rise Set Rise Set
Mar 6/98% 6:39 AM 6:26 PM 4:54 PM 5:05 AM
Mar 7/Full 6:38 AM 6:26 PM 5:57 PM 5:46 AM
Mar 8/99% 6:37 AM 6:27 PM 7:01 PM 6:26 AM
Mar 9/96% 6:36 AM 6:27 PM 8:05 PM 7:08 PM
Mar 10/90% 6:43 AM 6:28 PM 9:11 PM 7:51 PM

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