iPad Pro: First Impressions

Posted by Gary Ramey on November 30th, 2015

The iPad Pro could be the perfect tool for a graphic designer or photographer.

First Impressions

  • It’s big. The iPad Pro may not be your first choice for carrying around town but the extra screen real estate is perfect for doing some serious work.
  • Even though it is light for its size, holding it one handed isn’t something I would want to do for long. Sitting with it in my lap is best.
  • Fingerprint recognition works from both a horizontal and vertical position.
  • The display is bright and sharp.
  • Apple didn’t make the camera a pro feature. As with iPhones and other iPads, the camera is auto only. Yes, it has some nifty new features such as slo-mo but I had hoped for manual control.
  • Battery life is great.

Look for upcoming posts for the Apple Pencil and Keyboard. I’ll also review various apps for photography, drawing, and painting.


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