Posted by Gary Ramey on September 26th, 2012

360cities.net is a fantastic website filled with 360×180-degree panoramas.

BIG EGG Tokyo Doom 1988 in Tokyo

You will find an amazing array of panoramas including:

  • Aerial panoramas
  • Underwater panoramas
  • An 80 Gigapixel panorama of London
  • A 18 Gigapixel panorama of Praque
  • A 40 Gigapixel panorama of the Strahov Library (This 360º panorama is the largest indoor photo in the world as of March 2011.)

There is even a map where you can select panoramas from around the world.

The website also has links to software and websites that make creating 360×180-degree panoramas easy. How to make a 360×180-degree panorama. I plan to do a comparison of each stitching solution. In the mean time, enjoy their website.


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