Review: P-Series Filter Kit by Cokin

Posted by Gary Ramey on January 6th, 2012

Cokin H250A P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit

Summary: I finally had the opportunity to use rectangular graduated neutral density filters and I’m glad I did. The Cokin H250 P-Series ND Grad Kit is an inexpensive kit that will help get a good exposure of the sky and land at the same time. The main advantages of using this kind of filter as opposed to circular filters is that the rectangular filters can be used with different size lenses and that the graduated filters can be moved up and down in the filter holder so that the edge of the gradation lines up with the horizon line.

Review: The H250A Filter Kit by Cokin contains a filter holder and three filters. The filters are Cokin’s most popular neutral density graduated filters. The darkest part of the filter can change the exposure by 1, 2, or 3 stops. The filters can also be “stacked” in the holder. Lens flare can occur when filters are stacked but in my test shots the main lens flare was reduced except for a few artifacts. I did not notice any color shift.

  • Includes 121L, 121S and 121M Graduated Neutral Density Filters
  • Kit includes a Cokin P series filter holder but does not include an adapter ring

Many other Cokin filters can be purchased that will fit into the holder.

Vignetting could be a problem with wide angle lenses. I didn’t see any issues with the 18mm-55mm kit lens on a camera with an APS-C sensor. The Cokin U961 Z Pro Grad Kit FH-121L-123L-125L Kit will be a better choice if you have a full-frame camera and a want to use the filters on a super wide angle lens.

An adapter ring is not included in the H250A Filter Kit. The first two items in the chart below are choices of adapter ring kits. I am recommending kits that contain various size adapters so that the Cokin holder can be mounted on different size lenses.

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  1. nairfotografia says:

    Nice review…do you know if on a 16-35 mm on full frame, this kit will cause vignetting..? do you have any recommendations on the kit that works best for a 16-35 mm , 82 mm filter ?

    • Gary Ramey says:

      The P series will barely fit an 82mm filter. If you stack filters with the standard holder, expect some vignetting. There is a special filter holder for the P series that holds fewer filters and is supposted to reduce vignetting but I can’t recommend it. I would suggest the Z-Pro filters and holder instead.

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