Review: PhotoBuddy

Posted by Gary Ramey on July 22nd, 2011

Summary: PhotoBuddy runs on the iPhone or iPad and is a Swiss army knife of photographic functions that would be helpful to any digital photographer. At $1.99, it’s a bargain.

In his book, The HDR Book: Unlocking the Pros’ Hottest Post-Processing Techniques, Rafael “RC” Concepcion, suggested PhotoBuddy because it has the ability to calculate the number of shots and exposures needed for an HDR photograph. That feature is actually buried under the More button. I’m not complaining about that — just making an observation. The reality is that there are so many features in PhotoBuddy, there would be no way to easily make them all available from the home screen. It has become my favorite iPhone photo app.

Review: PhotoBuddy’s main screen has buttons for Sun & Moon, Exposure, DoF, Diffraction, and More. More really is more! Just take a look at the feature list:

  • Calculate Sunrise/Sunset for any date and location in the world (use the iPhone location API to find the current position)
  • Determine the moon phase for any given date
  • Measure distances with the built in camera (1st Gen. iPhone only)
  • Use built in exposure presets to find the f-number / shutter / iso values for your camera
  • Use a picker to calculate exposure changes (f-number / shutter / iso) based on the reciprocity law
  • Calculate the Depth of Field (hyperfocal distance, near/far limit). Testdrive the calculator online.
  • DoF displays percentage in front and behind of subject
  • Find the maximal distance a flash can light using a given aperture / iso
  • Calculate the minimal camera distance to fit objects of a given size on your photo
  • Use a gray wedge to determine the white balance in you photographs
  • Set the white balance of your camera by a list of color temperatures for common lighting situations
  • Supports metric/imperial units
  • Supports full, half and third stop
  • Database of digital SLRs for simple setup (if your camera is not listed, you can simply choose the film size)
  • Database of common motion picture cameras
  • PhotoBuddy remembers its last state on program termination, so you can continue right where you left
  • Added Support for the new “Micro Four Thirds” Cameras as well as several new Models introduced at Photokina 2008
  • Application allows you to specify a custom film size if your camera is not supported
  • CoC Calculator (based on desired print size, resolution and viewing distance)
  • Change the CoC factor for your cameras to fit your needs
  • Support for ISO values up to 25600 and apertures up to f/1024
  • Bulb Timer: Allows you to take long exposure shots (up to 13 hours) in the bulb mode of your camera
  • Interactive DoF graphic (change the depth of field settings with a flick of your finger)
  • Integrated Bellows expansion exposure compensation calculator
  • Camera presets for Red One and Hasselblad
  • Calculator for the Angle of View
  • Calculator for bracketing settings needed to take HDR (or DRI) shoots
  • Support for filter exposure correction

The only gripe that I have is that the pdf manual is for a slightly older version of the program and doesn’t cover all the current features. PhotoBuddy is available through iTunes. Find out more at Ambertation’s website.


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  1. photoguy says:

    This software sounds fantastic! How does the Sunrise/Sunset function work on an iPad?

  2. garyramey says:

    I have the WiFi iPad so must enter the latitude and longitude manually, otherwise, the function works the same as it does on an iPhone.

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