The iPad is a Great Portable Display for Photographs

Posted by Gary Ramey on June 27th, 2011

The Apple iPad is such a perfect accessory for photographers, some camera bag manufacturers have started to design camera bags with iPod pouches. For instance, the Tamrac Zuma 7 Backpack is designed to hold an iPad or a netbook. I’ve used an iPad on location and teamed with an Eye-Fi Pro SD card it was possible to wirelessly send photos to the iPad to check focus. Seriously cool! Professional photographers could even use it with clients in the studio so that they could view shots immediately.

You may notice that I have targeted the WI-FI version of the iPad for my links. The reason why is that you don’t have to invest in the 3G version to use the iPad with your camera. The WI-FI version works with the Eye-Fi Pro or you could go lo-tech and use the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. What’s most important is RAM. If you plan on transferring RAW files to the iPad, consider the 64GB version.


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