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Posted by Gary Ramey on June 13th, 2011
My Take: Add Composition to the Aperture, Speed, ISO mantra.

Have you wanted to create pictures that National Geographic would think are high quality?  Have you just purchased a digital SLR, but have no idea how to use it to take great photographs?  Do you want to achieve digital photography success?  From a review of Digital Photography Success, we can see author Amy Renfrey has created eBooks and a monthly e-magazine to help you create eye-popping photographs.

Why listen to Amy?  She went from beginning amateur to professional in a week.  Too good to be true?  Not at all.  She learned that light is the most important aspect in photography.  Not the camera.  Not the flash.  Not the lens.  But the light that the photography needs to make beautiful pictures.

Why is light important?  Photography’s root words come from “painting with light”.  If you have no concept of how to capture light through the camera’s aperture, shutter, and ISO, you will be missing more pictures because of the lack of exposure.  Remember seeing beautiful pictures because of the lighting?  Pros know how to use light to achieve their success at digital photography.  It is definitely not rocket science.

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Here’s what you will learn:

Aperture: aperture is like the iris of the lens.  With a large aperture, you will have very bright images.

Shutter: how long the exposure lasts.  Does it sound simple?  It is, but few people understand it.

ISO:  the sensitivity of the digital camera.  The higher the number, the more sensitive it is to light.

Those three work in a relationship to produce the desired exposure.  With knowledge of all three, you will achieve your amazingly exposed images.

Composition: this is one of the features of a photograph that makes it a photograph and not snapshot.  Learn how to compose an image, and take the hearts of the viewers.

From my experience as a photographer, there is nothing very difficult about producing jawdropping photographs.  It takes a little bit of knowledge to go from a snapshot photographer, to a true digital photographer.

The Digital Photography Success set will help anyone new with photography.  It cuts to the chase.  You will learn a few tricks that have a “face palm” effect of how simple they were.  Instead of dropping money on a bunch of fluff, Ms. Renfrey has written her eBooks in a manner of succinct precision.  I am a person who likes to get to the chase, and she delivers.

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