Portrait Photography – Tricks to Get Children to Sit Still for Their Pictures

Posted by Gary Ramey on June 21st, 2011
My Take: Now I know why I avoid taking pictures of children.

Family portraits are something that parents want to have done before their kids grow up and go to college. These special pictures can be used for many things, including greeting cards during the holidays, souvenirs for other family members, and family pictures to frame up on the wall or to make your place feel more like home.

When giving family pictures as a gift, consider including a picture frame as well. You can book an appointment with a professional photographer to take these pictures, but you can also do it yourself, especially if you have some photography experience. Sometimes, it will be challenging to get your kids to sit still, particularly if you are taking many pictures as they sometimes become bored and restless. Getting your kids to sit still for the pictures is a pretty tough trick sometimes, but you don’t have to be a professional photographer to accomplish this task.

Make sure not to feed the kids candy or sugar filled junk food that will cause them to by hyper during the photo shoot. Also, pay attention to the times of day when your children are the most hyperactive. It is probably a good idea to schedule the photo shoot during times when they are typically calmer.

One of the ways to get the kids to sit for their pictures is to give them a focal point. This is the point of attraction that should hold the attention of the kids even for just a few precious seconds. These precious few should be enough time to click that shutter.

Some kids can be bribed. Sorry, it may sound and look really bad, but if it has to take a bribe to make them sit still, then it might be worth it for just one day. It doesn’t have to be money or something that costs a lot. It could just be an ice cream cone or something to that effect. The photographer can shoot the picture as soon as the child is still and made to smile at the thought of getting that cone.

If the child involved is a little baby, then one of the more classic tricks is the arm under the baby trick. The photographer can take a picture of the baby only from the trunk up while the hands under the table hold the baby still for a few seconds.

Another way is to use the mother as a focal while the father holds and entertains the baby for the time that it takes for the photographer to set up. The photographer could then get the shutter ready to shoot and the father ready to set the baby upright on the set. It takes seconds, but if all goes well, a happily sitting baby looking over to the mother will produce a whole body picture.

Experienced photographers will have more tricks up their sleeves. It will take a lot of trial and error, lots of crying and tense parents to get the pictures taken. Will it be worth it in the end? Seeing that gorgeous picture in your picture frame is definitely worth all the tricks!

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