Portrait Mode for Canon Digital Cameras

Posted by Gary Ramey on June 26th, 2011
My Take: The tips in this article apply to any digital camera with Portrait mode. Portrait mode opens up the aperture so that distracting stuff in the background is out of focus and the subject becomes the focal point.

Portrait Mode is a simple to operate exposure selection on our Canon EOS Rebel T3. Like the Green Zone, a Rebel T3 set to Portrait Mode will make almost all of the decisions for the photographer. In fact, other than the shutter button, none of the override buttons or dials will function with the camera set to this mode.

Portrait Mode is the choice anytime we are photographing stationary people. In this mode Canon digital cameras like the T3 will try to use the largest lens aperture that the light will allow. By using larger apertures the background behind the subject blurs which focuses attention on the person.

When using Portrait Mode remember to turn on red eye reduction for the camera’s flash. With red eye reduction on the camera flash will fire several quick bursts before capturing the final image. These pre-flashes will cause the subject’s pupils to constrict which is all that is required to reduce red eye.

When using Portrait Mode there are a few guidelines that can help achieve the best effect. First, place the subject no closer than 6 feet in front of the background. In fact, greater distance is even better. Position the Canon EOS Rebel T3 between six and ten feet from the subject which provides a comfortable working distance without using a lot of zoom. Finally, if the picture is of three or fewer people, be sure to shoot with the camera in vertical (portrait) orientation.

Portrait Mode can be used for more than just people! It works well for pet portraits too. Also, consider using this mode when shooting any subject that could benefit from an out of focus background. I have found it useful when I shoot products for online auctions too. Portrait Mode is as easy to use as pointing the camera at the subject and pressing the shutter button. This is one of the original Icon Modes developed by Canon digital cameras.

When you are ready to take more control over the camera you should begin to explore Aperture Priority (Av) Mode. Simply choose the Av mode setting and then select an aperture that is as wide as the light will allow.

In summary, select Portrait Mode for easy pictures of people. Position the subject at least six feet in front of the background and the camera six to ten feet from the subject. These distances will help blur out the background which will both add depth to the picture and focus attention on the subject. Last shoot groups of one to three people with the camera in vertical orientation.

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