How To Build 24 DIY Softboxes

Posted by Gary Ramey on June 23rd, 2011
My Take: When I was in college, I made my own light kits from 1″x2″ lumber and clamp-on lights. I even sprayed the inside of an old umbrella silver so that I could use it as a reflector. It is great to find that there are lots of other photographers that enjoy making their own equipment.

How To Build 24 DIY Softboxes

About three weeks ago, I asked DIYP readers to build a softbox. It was meant for fun and education. To add some zap the good guys at B&H chipped in with a Westcott Apollo Speedlight set and a strobe (Nikon SB700/Canon 430EX II) for the best design.

I literally fell of my chair seeing all the great submissions. The amount of creativity with the build was huge with sizes and materials covering just about any possible element on the face of the planet (including the rare element IKEAtnium). If you ask me quite a few of the bunch would have had a successful design career.

The contest ended up with 70 submissions ranging on all the spectrum of softboxes:

  • The first obvious choice is size, and there are submissions with as small as half a letter paper to monster 47″ softboxes.
  • Another critical factor was the materials, while some
    opted for “clothy and airy” using fabrics, tent rods, and umbrella
    skeletons, others opted for strong and sturdy and used corrugated plastic and
  • Mounting ranges from custom metal brackets through friction fit and we even had one yogurt cup mount.

It is very impressive to see how some set out design goals (or briefs in design lingo) and held up pretty well to their intents.

Here we go with 24 DIY Softboxes which display the variety of softboxes you can built at home. There are some great ideas inside for on budget lighting so visit them all. Click each entry banner to see the full tutorial. There were more good design but I tried not to repeat similar designs in the post so each tutorial will have some added value.

Click this link to find out how these lightboxes were made.

Source: -DIY Photography and Studio Lighting


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