Episode 271: Adding a Lighting Source to a Photo

Posted by Gary Ramey on June 23rd, 2011
My Take: You’ll want to bookmark this website. They offer weekly Photoshop instructional videos. The only downside is the banter at the beginning of the episodes. They could get to the meat sooner.

Matt has a tutorial on adding your own lighting source to a photo, including a lens flare. Corey shares a retouching tip to use when zooming in close on an image. Dave shows viewers how to use the refine mask options when making an extraction. Pete Collins, the new Photoshop Guy, has a tip on purchasing stock photography that includes a clipping path. In a special segment, Scott talks with Brian Matiash from onOne software about their new product, Perfect Layers.

Source: Click on this link to view Photoshop User TV: Episode 271


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