Learning Photography

Posted by Gary Ramey on April 21st, 2011

Tips for learning photography:

  1. This may seem overly simplistic but the best way to learn photography is by taking lots of photographs.
  2. Read your manual. Digital cameras have lots of settings and some of them may be hidden deep in the menus. If you don’t read your manual, you might never discover the important ones.
  3. Experiment with settings. One of the great things about digital photography is that you can take pictures until you fill up your card then delete the pictures and  start all over again at no additional expense. Take advantage of this by taking lots of pictures.
  4. Understand everything that you can about aperture, speed, and ISO. These three factors give you creative control over how the photograph will look.
  5. Think! In the beginning, you must think! This is like learning a sport. At first, you may feel awkward and self-conscious but eventually, another part of your brain digests the information that you have been feeding it and you will start to gain confidence.
  6. Seek out sources of information about photography.
  7. Take lots of photographs. You will learn more by doing and you won’t learn much if your camera spents most of the time in a drawer.

Now, get out there and start taking photographs.

To learn more about basic photography, follow this link.


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